Kaya No Soto Episode 1

Kaya No Soto is a fictitious podcast drama in five episodes about foreign lecturers in a Japanese university.

Kaya No Soto literally means `outside the mosquito net` and is used to describe someone who is ‘out of the loop’ or ‘in the dark’, a common experience for foreigners in Japan.


Tad Reedy, the university’s English-teaching gigolo, has disappeared. At the university’s annual earthquake drill, the new vice dean Dr Taras Janczyszyn asks Dr Jessica Brittain to call round to Reedy’s apartment to see if he is home. She takes with her the new university’s newest professor, Dr Solomon Ong.

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Kaya No Soto Episode 2



After searching Reedy’s garbage and finding a key to Reedy’s besso (his second home), Brittain and Ong decide to drive out there.  Meanwhile Dean Kennedy, convinced that Brittain knows where Reedy is,  instructs Taras to do some snooping around her office.

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Kaya No Soto Episode 3



After the discovery at the old factory, Ong heads off to a conference while Brittain takes Philip the dog for a morning walk in the forest.  When both have disturbing experiences, they decided to meet back at the university where they discover that someone else is looking for Reedy.

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Kaya No Soto Episode 4



After their enounter with the mysterious and violent Hama, Taras splints his broken fingers, office secretary Yuko Goto nurses a slap in the face, Ong makes his speech to the faculty, and Brittain disappears.

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Kaya No Soto Episode 5



With the typhoon approaching, Ong and Taras need to find Brittain.  Brittain meanwhile knows who what happened to Reedy but will she live long enough to tell the others?

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